Why do you need a USB controller in a Tesla?

Tesla is an electric car that runs on electrically-powered engines. It does not use any kind of petroleum products or oil. And since it does not use any fuel, there is no emission of smoke or harmful gases. It is a clean car and environment-friendly car. It does not contain any explosive substances, which makes electric cars safer than traditional cars that run are powered by fuel.

It has a low cost of maintenance because electricity is a lot cheaper than fuel. In traditional cars, the engine needs to be lubricated and serviced from time to time for smooth operation. But a Tesla runs on an electrically-powered engine that does not need much maintenance. It has many other features like autopilot, advanced parking sensors, an app, auto-raising suspension, etc. One of the most famous features is the built-in visual screen.

Things you can do on the screen:

It is not new for a car to have an entertainment system, but no one does it like Tesla! It has added a lot of new systems in the newer software updates. Let us check some of these features out:

  1. Streaming services– In the new software updates, Tesla has added subscription streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Once you sign in, you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in your car. The top-notch sound system gives you an amazing experience. They work just as they would in the app!
  • Web browser– The car is connected to the internet for software updates. So it offers everything that the web has to offer. You can web search anything you want. Tesla also added the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and I’m feeling hungry’ features. These options will show you interesting places you might want to visit and directions to nearby restaurants.
  • Gaming– Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, has a great in video games. So, naturally, he added this feature in the car. You can play video games in the car using the best tesla USB controller. You have access to a collection of classic Atari video games like asteroids, lunar lander, centipede, etc. Cuphead is a new addition, but you will require a USB controller to play it.
  • Music– You will have access to YouTube so you can listen to your favorite songs whenever you want. There are other services like TuneIn and slacker. You can listen to the radio or your favorite podcast on the radio. The Tesla also added a car karaoke system with highlighted lyrics. There are a bunch of classic songs that you and your friends can jam to!
  • Navigation– The navigation system has certain features that will lead to nearby places and restaurants. The screen shows your exact position on the map. It also shows the nearby vehicles, lane markings, traffic lights, and speed. Every vehicle around you, whether it is a car, truck, or bicycle, is shown accurately via their 3-D icons.

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