The Applications Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has taken over this digital era of storing and retrieving data. It is the process of using a network on the internet to manage, store, and process data efficiently. Previously, the data has been stored within a system having limited disk space for files, videos, and other important data. But now, cloud computing has enabled almost unlimited storage of your public and private files and gives remote access using a host network medium. So, if you feel that you are running out of storage in your system, you can upload all your files directly to the cloud instead of deleting it.

Understanding the major Applications of cloud computing 

  • Platform as a Service & Infrastructure as a service 

Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are the two most widely used cloud computing software. In the PaaS model, the hardware and software components are given to a third party to develop applications. These hardware and software tools are usually hosted by providers. Whereas in the IaaS model, cloud computing is performed using a virtualized computing resources on the internet. This model is mostly preferred by software companies because it reduces the costs of investing and managing IT services.

Cloud Computing
  • Hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid computing is also known as a private cloud. This serves as a platform for an organization to assess the applications they wish to deploy with the help of a cloud. While in a testing phase, creating a huge cloud is not possible in a limited time, a hybrid cloud approach offers an easy environment for software testers without making an initial investment. So, even if the testing fails, there’s no loss in the workload.

  • Testing and improvements

This is one of the feasible phases for software developers to carry out tests on developing projects. Previously, it would have required a lot of time for setting up an environment with a huge budget using manpower. But this is very much cost-effective and can work well with the deadlines and budget of the project.

  • Big data analytics

Big data analytics renders advanced cloud computing features and diverse techniques for employing large data sets. These datasets can be either structured or unstructured. Due to the availability of huge storage space unstructured data sets and semi-structured data can be converted into a business asset. These data sets can be used to analyze the business market trends, advertising, and predict buying patterns. 

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