All You Need To Know About SpaceX

SpaceX is been doing wonders in space science and rockets. It has completely changed the way people think of space. Its mind-blowing technologies have helped scientists to explore the world in a better way possible. The reusable rockets launched by SpaceX is incredibly strong and powerful because of its ability to safely transport people into the orbit. Falcon 9 (70m height) is the first rocket in the world to come under the class of reusable rockets. Also, SpaceX is continuing their research on exploring life at Mars and are expected to release their official note in the next 10 years. Now, let us see some of the unknown facts of SpaceX that you must know.

What are their long-term goals?

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX is very much committed to achieving the organization’s long-term goals. They have planned to colonialize mars and make life there in another 50-100 years. However, that’s a dream come true project for the company. Also, his main idea of procuring it is by reducing the cost spent on rockets by employing reusable spaceships, where the physical discharges of the first stage land back on the launch pad after it has been released. This reduces the cost of building rockets so that it can be spent on making a self-sustaining base on Mars.

Know About SpaceX

Do SpaceX and NASA work together?

 That’s a big yes! NASA has agreed to spend millions of dollars on behalf of SpaceX in smashing a Falcon rocket into the asteroid as a part of the asteroid redirection test – mission 2022. Alongside such projects, the United States national space agency has been closely working together for about a decade. SpaceX has agreed to take over Nasa’s commercial supply services like the dragon capsules from 2008 and has made a profit of more than a billion dollars. However, that’s not SpaceX’s source of revenue. SpaceX has earned more than 20 billion dollars by launching heavy satellites and spaceships into the orbit. It has successfully launched over 100 satellites which include the blockbuster launching of 19 satellites in 2018.

The reusable Dragon capsules

These capsules are used to carry the astronauts in the space shuttle. It is carefully designed with the ultra-modern version of capsules.  These capsules have already visited the ISS and have returned with the astronauts safely. However, these capsules when released land up in the oceans and must be recovered to the center using a heavy vehicle ship. In the future, these capsules are expected to be made reusable and be able to land back in the launchpad directly.

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