Top Video Conferencing Tools

People didn’t give much preference to online conference meetings or sessions until things worsened in recent months. The last few months have transformed the way organizations, schools, colleges are trying to work the new normal as the whole of mankind has started to work from home. So, there are various video conferencing tools that help in carrying out our daily tasks. But by any chance have you ever stopped yourself to ask which is the best tool that serves all your purposes? Here, we will get to know some of the advanced applications and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Zoom 

Zoom has been one of the most used applications over the past 4-5 months. Downloads have exploded the internet ever since the lockdown began. Right from having an official meeting or holding up a friend’s meeting, people have started using it at their convenience. Though there are other apps available, evidence suggests that zoom is easy to use, sturdy and dependable. Zoom offers a free version that can hold more than a hundred people in a meeting for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, you’ll have to start the meeting again. It also renders a premium version which is a paid one offering a longer meeting time.

Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Skype meet

Skype meeting has been popular even before zoom became prominent. It offers unlimited meeting time with blur backgrounds. Skype meeting renders some of its attractive video conferencing features in its free version which most of the applications lack. It gives you the choice to change your background if you are feeling uncomfortable or want to have some private space. You can record meetings and add subtitles to make it easy to take notes. But one major drawback is that it cannot hold huge meetings where it is limited to only 50 people. 

  • Google hangouts 

Google hangout is very much handy and to use. Hangouts are greatly integrated with Gmail, calendars which means you can hold a meeting within a few clicks rather than following a complicated process. This application does not provide any advanced eye-catching features like other apps, but its interface is simple and straightforward. It can invite over a hundred people to the meeting via WhatsApp and skype. However, this could be one of the reasons why Google was planning to ban zoom because it already had an existing interface of its own. 

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