Major Technological Breakthrough In This Century

The 21st century has witnessed some of the best technological advancements like the 4G network, robots, smartphones, pixel cameras, smartwatches, and much more. These advancements have entirely transformed our lives, helping us to live in better terms. Herein, we’ll be seeing some of the major improvements that lead to the betterment of this century.

Biometrics and Fingerprints

The biometric asset has fuelled finance to combine with technology. It has become so normal that any new device that’s being launched comes with an inbuilt face verification and fingerprint sensors. On the contrary, high-speed internet with sensors has completely changed the way we use net banking and avail financial services. Moreover, in 2010 we didn’t have any mobile banking applications but now some banks offer no other option other than net banking. This has made love much easier in terms of work and labour. So, we have adapted ourselves to change and will have to adapt to the future too. 

Social media

Alongside smartphones, social media platforms have also become a trend in the mid-2000s. The right to voice over opinions on twitter, modelling on Instagram, and sharing posts on Facebook have changed the way people think. People have started spending their entire leisure time on these platforms watching their favourite videos, sharing memes, and clicking pictures. But to say, social media also needs to follow severe rules and needs governance just like any other industry. Platforms like YouTube serves as a source of revenue for video bloggers, food bloggers, and content creators. Also, at present, anyone can start a YouTube channel and contribute content based on entertainment, education, fashion, and food.

AI -Technological Breakthrough

Artificial intelligence 

In this century, the advancements in AI in the field of machine learning are deployed in manufacturing humanoids – a man like robots. AI has set a base for the manufacturing of electric cars, walking robots, cryptocurrencies, and of course Alexa smart assistant and google voice over search. Al has emerged to be more persuasive over the last few years in developing new technologies that can help humankind. Also, companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and many others use AI-powered technologies to automate business processes. Their online shopping website also works on AI and deep learning techniques where you find “people also buy”, “your preferred products” kind of sections. 

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